Referring to Southern Grace

Finding the right care for your patient isn’t just a good business practice, it’s a moral imperative. Southern Grace Hospice shares your dedication to a patient’s best interest and we are committed to continuing the same excellent care pattern you have established.

We are committed to help you improve the quality of life of your patients. Research shows that hospice care reduces ER visits and hospitalizations while improving comfort and quality of life during terminal illness.

When you refer to Southern Grace, you can trust that your patient will be taken care of like family.

How to Refer Your Patient

If you’re ready to refer your patient to Southern Grace Hospice, the process is simple. A referral can be made any of the following ways 24 hours a day:

  • Give us a call at 678-432-8811
  • Faxing referral information to us at 678-432-8821

We have created this referral form to assist you in collecting information needed that may be printed and faxed to us.

Secure online referral form.