Southern Grace provides care for the body, mind and spirit. We focus on life and living and not death and dying and encourage our patients to share their thoughts, hopes and concerns; so we can better meet their unique needs.

Hospice services are routinely provided as home care in your place of residence. We provide the following four levels of care, as deemed necessary by the Physician and Interdisciplinary Team:

  • Routine Home Care

    Provided in the comfort of a patient’s home whether that be a private residence, nursing home, assisted living, or personal care home. Services are provided on an intermittent basis according to the plan of care. On call services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Continuous Care

    Provided when the patient is in a crisis and symptoms cannot be managed with routine home care. The patient remains at home and services are provided until symptoms are managed. Continuous care alleviates the patient transferring to an inpatient facility or hospital.
  • Inpatient Care

    Provided when deemed necessary by the hospice team and attending physician as authorized by Medicare, Medicaid, or commercial insurance. Inpatient care is deemed appropriate when skilled interventions are required for acute symptom control to stabilize the situation and return the patient to the routine home setting. Inpatient care will be provided in a contracted inpatient facility. It is designed for short term acute needs and symptom management.
  • Respite Care

    Provides short term relief for up to 5 days at a time to a patient’s caregiver by transferring the patient to a contracted inpatient facility for up to five days.

Additional Services

  • Medications

    We will provide home delivery of all medications deemed related to the patient’s terminal condition or for pain or symptom management.
  • Medical Supplies

    Patient supplies such as diapers and wipes are provided at no cost to you.
  • Medical Equipment

    We will provide durable medical equipment such as a hospital bed and oxygen as needed related to the hospice diagnosis at no cost to you.
  • On Call Staff

    We have our own dedicated after hours’ staff that are readily available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are always just a phone call away.
  • Music Therapy

    Even when people are no longer conscious or speaking, we can console and comfort them with music. Research has shown that music is the first outside sensation that registers with a developing fetus and the last that registers with a dying patient. The use of music enhances our lives as a means of teaching, celebrating and expressing ourselves and has been in place for thousands of years. We cherish each moment we have with our patients and offer music therapy to address their physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs.
  • Art Therapy

    Art can produce a powerful release of feelings that can be healing to the mind, body and spirit. We have dedicated staff that will visit patients and assist with arts and crafts. Art therapy can significantly decrease pain, anxiety and emotional distress, while improving quality of life.

    Most importantly, we offer you peace in knowing that you are now part of a family who will work right alongside you to make it through this difficult journey.