Your Southern Grace team will be there with you and your family every step of the way during this difficult journey. Your team will include many different disciplines; and we will work closely with you to coordinate a plan of care based on you and your family’s individual needs.

Your care team will consist of:

Medical Director

The Hospice Medical Director will lead the hospice care team and ensure that the correct medical care is administered by our team. He will visit patients and their families at home and will be available for any issues that may arise.


Each patient will be assigned a nurse to manage and coordinate the care. The nurse will ensure that all needs of the patient and family are met by providing education and support. The nurse will visit as often as necessary based on each patient and family’s needs.

Hospice Aide

Our aides assist patients with their activities of daily living. They can help with bathing, dressing, shaving, feeding, hair care, light house-keeping, linen changing, and companionship.

Social Worker

The social worker will help each patient and family deal with the emotional and financial stress the life-limiting illness may cause. The social worker is the community liaison and will provide information on needed resources.

Spiritual Counselor / Chaplain

The spiritual counselor will provide spiritual guidance and support for patients and families regardless of faith. He/she can arrange for spiritual services and support groups of a specific faith if requested by a patient or family.


Volunteers enhance the quality of care by providing extra companionship and intermittent caregiver respite. They are available to any patient regardless of their place of residence.

Grief Counselor

The grief counselor will provide support and education of the grieving process and will help each family cope with grief and loss. Bereavement services are available for up to 13 months after a death and may continue longer if requested by a family.