The staff of Southern Grace Hospice is dedicated to helping you deal with issues related to grief, loss, and adjustment. We offer traditional individual counseling as well as innovative programs for children, teens and adults which address the wide range of bereavement experiences.

You don’t have to experience loss or go through grief alone. We are here to help you. From answering your most basic questions to providing ongoing emotional support; we have the experience, training, and heartfelt commitment to help as you navigate through your grief.

We offer a variety of bereavement services including:

One-On-One Support

We are available for counseling, companionship, or conversation — whether in person, by phone, e-mail, or postal correspondence, from the time of death to 13 months after your loved one’s death.

Memory Pillow

Our volunteers will turn your loved one’s special shirt into a memory pillow that will bring huggable comfort to you and your family.

Quarterly Newsletters

Our newsletters provide valuable information, support, and reflections for your journey through the grieving process, as well as information on support groups and upcoming events offered by Southern Grace.

Monthly Support Groups

We offer a monthly support group for families and friends who have lost a loved one. These groups are open to the community and free of charge. The group emphasizes discussion and participation, and focuses on various aspects of grief and the healing process.

Camp Grace

Annually, Southern Grace hosts a bereavement day camp to help children and teens between the ages of 6 and 17 cope with the recent death of a loved one.

Memorial Butterfly Release

Each year, we pay a special tribute to our loved ones who have passed by hosting a Memorial Butterfly Release. During this family event, a butterfly is released in honor of each patient we have served.