The staff of Southern Grace Hospice are the most compassionate and caring people I have ever met!

Kenyatte Booker

Southern Grace Hospice was amazing. They took wonderful care of my mother. She loved the staff and she would light up when they came to visit. They all genuinely, cared about my mother and her comfort.

Rebecca Coker

When you can say that you look forward to each of their visits, I think that shows that we love and appreciate each one of you. Everyone else who has been by has been nice, sweet and pleasant- even down the fellows delivering the medicine. I think you can guess that we are totally satisfied with your service!

Lenore Pratt

The difference in Southern Graces care compared to our previous hospice is like night and day! Thank you for your genuine concern for our family.

Regina Wise

Before my mom was approved for hospice I truly thought I had no other option but to place her in a nursing home. Now, I feel like I can keep her with me a lot longer with my hospice family helping. Thank you for caring!

Cheryl Wright

This was the first time our family needed hospice care and was completely amazed at how wonderful and caring they were and how they totally took care of our father as if he was their father. I knew daddy (age 94) felt comfort at his own passing. He knew they were praying for him and he was happy to the end. Each person who was with daddy was “his guardian angel”. He always knew he had an angel looking over him and he found more than one at his end. I can never say thank you enough!

Sandra Pruitt

My family could not be more pleased with the services! They met our every need and we felt we were not alone in the journey.

Don Hall

Southern Grace is the best. I would have not made it as well as I did without them.

Dennis Bentley

Southern Grace’s care for my father was excellent. So many members of the staff were compassionate and professional. My family and I could not have dealt with my father’s passing without them.

Kim Madden

All members of Southern Grace did an excellent job when it comes to caring for my wife. No words can describe how great of a job they did. It just brings tears to my eyes thinking of how amazing they were

Steve Kowak

All her caregivers were exceptional! Everyone was professional yet personable and truly cared. My mother’s last days were dignified thanks to the care we received from Southern Grace.

Vanessa Cudjoe